“Theatre for Reconciliation”

(by Katya)

Let me have some real talk for a sec:

Please don’t talk to me or any other non-Zionist about focusing my energy on something like “theatre for reconciliation” or “music-making to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.”  Please take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or better yet, common sense regarding the human condition. Basic human rights need to happen before anything else and until basic, equal human rights are part of the equation (meaning no more government-sanctioned torture, no more soldiers murdering/injuring/arresting innocent kids and getting away with it, no more home demolitions, no more indiscriminate bombing, no more segregated roads or water access, no more people dying at checkpoints due to police not letting them through to hospitals, ET FUCKING CETERA), that needs to be what we focus on in an unwavering, unapologetic, non-normalizing way.

If I sound radical to you and you think I should “tone down my approach”, you’re absolutely missing something. In that case, I invite you to please join me here in Palestine- even for a day or two- and see if the realities on the ground don’t quickly bring you onto the same page. And if you get it but are on the fence about speaking out, please for the love of gd speak out. There are millions of people here whose lives and humanity depend on it and once you recognize that context, pissing people off doesn’t matter.

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