Why The Jesh (Israeli soldiers) are terrifying (by Isabella gold)


Why The Jesh (Israeli soldiers) are terrifying (by Isabella gold)

Palestine is covered in Jesh, Israeli soldiers who are there simply to make Palestinian life miserable. You can find them everywhere: the streets, the checkpoints, the wall and Bil’in’s weekly protests. I am TERRIFIED of the Jesh. Every time I see them I try to hide or pretend I am invisible. Here are reasons why:

Reasons 1: Guns, Guns, Guns

They have giant guns. But they hold them so casually as if they are not weapons that could kill you in an instant. They hold them all the time, even off duty just chillin’ with their guns, drinking coffee, eating cake, petting cats; it is really freaky.

Reason 2: They have the power

The jesh are in complete control. They can stop you and interrogate you for no reason. They can stop you from going somewhere for having a plastic butter knife. And they know it too.

Reason 3: Two personalities, one person.

When you meet the jesh they are cold and mean. But if they find out you’re Jewish/American they become warm and friendly. They want to take pictures with you, they’ll ask how you’re doing and where you’re going. It is weird. Because someone who seems so nice does such bad things it makes you wonder about other people who seem friendly. In fact whenever I meet someone nice on the bus I worry that they’re the shin bet. It makes me question everything. All the Palestinians we have met have proven that they are good through all their actions, but the jesh prove that they are not good by doing things like shooting children and attacking peaceful protestors.

Reason 4: they don’t belong there

When I say the Jesh are everywhere in Palestine I mean it. They are even in holy sites. As a Jew I go to places like the tomb of the matriarchs and the patriarchs in Hebron and its annoying that there are soldiers in a place like that. I go their to pray and its hard with men in green uniforms with rifles standing over watching you.

This is why I don’t trust the jesh.

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