My First World Problems in Leaving Palestine

(by Katya)

Because I had to go back to work, I had to leave Palestine a week before Ariel and the kids. I had what felt like a very rough time getting from  Israel back home to the US. I was going to write a blog post complaining about it or at least talking about it in detail, until my jetlagged brain realized that A) it’s not about me and B) I’m coming back from a place where the problems are much, much bigger than everything I was going to complain about. So in the spirit of making fun of myself, here are my first world problems from traveling home from Palestine and corresponding problems that Palestinians face every day.


First-World Problem: I got interrogated twice at Ben Gurion Airport and it took me 6 hours to get my exit permit

Palestinian Problem: I will never be allowed to fly into or out of Israel’s Airport because I’m Palestinian

Palestinian Problem: I get interrogated on a regular basis, and those interrogations involve physical violence because I’m Palestinian


FWP: It took me 39 hours, 12 steps and 4 flights to get home from Israel

PP: I have little to no freedom of movement because I’m Palestinian

PP: It took me 12 hours just to get to the Jordanian Airport (which is the only airport I can fly out of) because I’m Palestinian

PP: Israel strangles our economy so much and the Wall cut me off from my job so I don’t have the money to travel anyway because I’m Palestinian


FWP: Some of my belongings were confiscated at Ben Gurion Airport, though they were not illegal and posed no security threats

PP: My land was confiscated, my home was demolished, and my child was kidnapped in the middle of the night because I’m Palestinian.


FWP:I had to go through 9 security screenings

PP:I have to go through Qualandiya Checkpoint every day- which is dehumanizing as hell and can be dangerous- because I’m Palestinian


FWP: I went 48 hours without hummus and thought the world was going to end

PP: I’ve gone 66 years and counting without the ability to return to my home…which is still standing…which I still have the key to…because I’m Palestinian


FWP: I miss Palestine like crazy

PP: While I love my homeland, I have nowhere else to go and can’t leave the Occupation to give my family and myself a better life.

In the name of keeping things in perspective, I have nothing to complain about.

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